Soup-er Sunday


Encouraging Hands-On Social Action

Soup-er Sunday is one of NSTI’s largest service learning programs. It takes place on or around Mitzvah Day International, which is an international day of service encouraging people all over the world to take part in hands-on social action.

Here on the North Shore, 100+ teen and adult volunteers have the opportunity to prepare and cook various foods, and then deliver the food to local emergency and family shelters as a pre-Thanksgiving meal.

Each year we look for soup-er heroes to make soup, lasagna and pie. Volunteers help with cooking, set up, clean up and/or delivering food. The day begins with pizza for lunch. Guest chefs will be on hand for culinary inspiration and instruction; no cooking expertise is required!

Soup-er Sunday Through the Years

See our soup-er #AWESOME teens in action at NSTI’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages.