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Project Fun

An Amazingly Unique Experience

By Jessica Gindelsky of Marblehead

On September 18, I went to Project Adventure at Moraine Farm for an incredible day. Our group of twelve did all kinds of personally challenging things including playing team building games, grappling with a giant see-saw, climbing and get- ting passed through impossible holes in a spider’s web and even climbing a ten-foot wall, all while supporting each other both verbally and physically.

It was an amazingly unique experience that really let us show our leadership and trust skills.

I especially enjoyed the spider web and the wall-climbing course. Our whole group had so much fun lifting our teammates through the tiny spider holes and supporting and spotting one another as we climbed up and over the ten-foot wall.

The best moments were definitely all the laughs we shared together. I was excited the whole bus ride there, but I couldn’t have imagined the insane amount of fun we would have. The event definitely went above and beyond my expectations.

As this event was particularly close to the High Holidays, it was really cool to be together. I also really liked meeting other Jewish teens from different areas, and if this event will be offered again, I will definitely go!

bullet point  Jessica was a Project Adventure 2011 participant.