Project Adventure

We Rely on Your Financial Contributions

The year NSTI began, the Jim Joseph Foundation provided a generous grant allowing us to put down roots in this community, with the only requirement to build a program and raise just $18.

Over the years, JJF’s grant money has at least partially covered staff salaries, program supplies, bus rentals, insurances, office space, computers, trendy event t-shirts, pizza, and more.

By design, the “seed” grant of 2008 tapered off and starting in 2014, we were raising 50% of our own budget.

Today, our relationship with JJF as “grantees” is almost over. In our final year, JJF will match up to 28% of our fundraising dollars collected or pledged before September 1, 2016.

NSTI will be forever grateful to the Jim Joseph Foundation for their financial support, guidance and trust in our vision. NSTI now turns to the community to support our deep-rooted program.

Consider a gift today:

We rely on the community to exist. If we all work together, NSTI can continue its important work each year:

  • If every parent of an NSTI teen donated $100, we would be 50% funded
  • If local businesses sponsored our major service-learning events, we would be 25% funded
  • If a North Shore philanthropist became our benefactor, we could continue to grow NSTI, reach more teens, communities and increase collaboration with other jewish agencies